NEWS: The Los Angeles Poets Union – I’m think I’m serious

Greetings and Shawarma,

You know, due to the Creative Process and the list of names NOT available in creating a new Social Group on Facebook,

I ended up with a name that carries within it a duty on my behalf. Sincerely, had I thought about it first before gasping at the discovery that the “username is available!” I might have chosen another title more wisely and more well, conveniently without responsibility.

I venture forward now, reluctantly to be respectful to that duty that is in the name I chose without foresight, but quite casually for a networking and social center for us, the Los Angeles Poets. It was just going to be a Lala thing.

I simply intended to start a group that would centralize us, since, as time has passed, many poets are involved in a great number of worthy causes, tributes, Literary fund raising, workshops, bookings and etc.

Sincerely when I chose the name The Los Angeles Poetry Union, I chose “Union” for the face value and immediate sense of the word. What ensued I never expected. Perhaps it was the word in it’s Title form, with capitalization and following 2 other titles I and most of us wear very proudly. Los Angeles. I love my birthplace and City. Poets… the title is one that carries such a compassionate responsibility.

But what happened later and gradually was, as words do carry their own living spirit, we of all people know this to be true, eerie as it seems at times, as words do contain a kinetic force in them somehow. I found myself recalling without reason words like, comrade, solidarity, Hoffa… lol, like, randomly and throughout the day while totally immersed in everything my day to day consists of. Things that have no knowledge or intention or even recognition of the word …”UNION”.

As the recent days progressed, I finally sat and had a talk with myself beginning with, “Self, why did you not THINK before you so gleefully clicked, “NEXT”, and the title “LOS ANGELES POETS UNION” became a living title that you had created, and now like little duckies in single file formation seems to be waddling close behind you at every corner chirp tweet quacking like the newborn responsibility that it is. Congratulations! It’s a BOY! and, It’s a GIRL! and it’s going to grow up and start walking soon, and talking too… MA-MA. Not only that, but as raising our real children goes and the raising of them comes very naturally… RAISING A UNION DOES NOT!!

In this dialogue I carried on with myself throughout the day and into the night, I, in my stable wishy washiness clicked my tongue and rolled my eyes at thoughts like.

“Oh big deal! What’s in a name? Forget about it! Just have your little facebook and website for social networking, re-bonding with favorite poets and okay – occasional literary masturbation, you don’t have to look into …. I tried to  stop myself but it was the word itself, the word UNION was slamming into all four side of the box I’d left it in. Slamming and pushing around, trying to get attention! aaarrrggh!! I tried to curb my thoughts, the extreme “don’t even go there” but it was too late.

The first effective thought that occurred to me whilst I half listened to Union, the angry word and my newborn – a preemie in the box was, I will just quote what it suggested:

“Now what if someone serious came along and decided to form an alliance with any of the poets of Los Angeles, inspired by an incident that called for a rally or a decision making in regard to say – a poet’s scheduled appearance in another state got canceled and the expected payment was withheld – or something of the sort, and a poet was so inspired to form a union with others interested in The Good Fight. And in searching for the availability of the title “Los Angeles Poets Union”, found that it was taken and therefore unavailable. And furthermore, not just taken, but used by a gang of witty poets who were gathered together in the cause of … facebook. I might as well have taken the title, “The Los Angeles Yoville Players Union”, or “The Los Angeles Poets Fan Page”.

So, there it is, or better said wOOPS there it is.

I have done some research into forming this Union which at this point has nothing to stipulate or demand from any entity, but should it arise, that a poet’s known works were perhaps plagiarized by another entity or whatever occurrences might need the council of a union as well as a firm policy for artists such as we are… in such a case… here we are.

Now – I need members with an understanding and a calling for The Los Angeles Poets Union, Founded September 9th, 2010. And we could use some Pabst.

I have found Boston to be one city with a union, “The Boston Poetry Union” and I will of course make an attempt to affiliate with all and any other group’s that have the title of their City, it’s Poets, and their Union.

Do we have an attorney amongst us that could advise?  Jump in Poets, let’s write some history together, all are more than welcome to help feed the little duckies.


Yvonne de la Vega

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2 Responses to NEWS: The Los Angeles Poets Union – I’m think I’m serious

  1. This is a great idea! At last a place where poets who are not hip enuf to be in the Facebook inner circle, can maybe call home, at least for a little while…

    • Welcome Aboard then Raindog. I think it would be perfectly befitted that you sit in the chair of “LAPU & The Independant Press”

      If you’re willing, that is. At this point it would only entail council should a poet need advice as to what is right and common fair practice in regard to the I.P. and Poet relations.

      In any case, we’ll make it possible for anyone to register here and gain the right to post a forum on any topic. That way, if a certain question did arise that any of our registered members might have, the ideas toward the right answers may be discuss ed by all.


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